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PURLoc™ is a structural fiberglass composite sheet pile manufactured by the pultrusion process and is designed to be able to weather the harsh marine environment.  Many traditional methods of building seawalls from wood, steel, and even concrete simply cannot hold up over time.  Marine borers attack and eat the wood, steel will rust and corrode, and concrete will deteriorate over time as the rebar starts to corrode.  Strict environmental laws have prohibited the use of chemically treated wood and other solvent based paints or coatings.  The shortened life cycle of traditional materials has increased the costs for maintenance and replacement.  PURLoc™ sheet pile does not leach any chemicals making it environmentally safe.  PURLoc™ is a cost effective and a long term solution to any waterfront project.

PURLoc™ is the first composite sheet pile to use a special patented urethane injection box.  What makes the injection design significant is that it permits resin to be injected through the most dense layers of roving and fabrics.  Other injection systems cannot penetrate these reinforcement packages and therefore do not achieve the wet-out necessary to meet the mechanical properties desired.  In addition to working with traditional thermoset resins, it works best with the pure polyurethane family of resins where glass contents are much higher at 76 to 80 percent.  Traditional injection systems cannot possibly inject through this high percentage of dense rovings and mats.  This allows the PURLoc™ system to have properties that are 30% stronger than any other FRP sheet pile on the market.  The PURLoc™ line of sheet pile uses a proprietary non-hybrid Polyurethane resin system that is exclusive to Gulf Synthetics.  Baydur® PUL 2500 resin is used and manufactured by Bayer Material Sciences.  Compare our Modulus of Elasticity and Tensile strength to other similar profiles and you will see the remarkable difference.
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