Pearson Sustainable Solutions

The Pearson family has been a leader and champion for infrastructure sustainability for nearly 55 years. This storied history gives us a perspective and balance to the impact we make not many others can match. We are committed to creating structures that allow future generations to enjoy the environment while allowing natural resources to flourish.

With our design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities we are able to offer project solutions that are stronger than other material solutions, positive for the environment, and cost effective. Our collaboration with fragmented communities such as engineers, contractors, regulators, environmentalists and developers is proof of our leadership in moving the needle towards sustainable development and construction practices.

Building with composites is the middle ground between conservationists and developers. It allows projects to be built in sensitive areas, but yet create no impact or improve the health of an ecosystem.

“A composite material is formed by the combination of two or more distinct materials to form a new material with enhanced properties”

Pearson Sustainable Solutions is dedicated to providing design & material solutions for:

Piers | Docks | Bridges | Fender Systems | Boardwalks | Trails | Golf Courses | Foundations | Living Shorelines | Shoreline Stabilization

Pilings, Sheet Pile, Composite Shapes, Artificial Reefs

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